“Trini” Engagement with Arabic Influence

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JoMarie and Jonas


The bride-to-be wore a pair of earrings gifted by her parents together with her future in-laws in the spirit of the Arab tradition to be “dressed” in jewellery from both families; she received many heirlooms that night. The engagement ring was also put on for the first time since the “asking”.


The couple went with a Christmas theme, as the party was held one week before the celebration of the birth of Christ.


There were an assortment of booths with Benihana stir-fry, and Arabic cuisine catered by Boomerang Catering. The couple also served Arabic sweets, cupcakes and fruits. Jenna Khal made a delicious two-tiered, vanilla cake with red poinsettias, and also crafted mini vanilla fondant cake boxes with inside rings and the couple’s initials on the outside.