What’s in a favor?

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A true favour is a thoughtful act of kindness. It is a deed done for another without need of recognition. Here are 8 favor ideas that are both memorable and useful.

(See full article in Newsday, Mentality, April 21st).
  1. Flip-flops. These can be used both during the wedding (on the dance floor) and afterwards. Ideal token for a destination or beach wedding.
  2. Olive oil. This can be gifted either as miniature bottles or handmade soaps, and would be a welcomed addition to any kitchen or bath respectively.
  3. Donations. In lieu of favors, place a card at every table explaining that you chose to donate money to a special charity or cause on behalf of your guest. Be sure to choose a reputable non-profit.
  4. Pashminas. Attach a note saying, “To keep you warm, always.”
  5. Tea or coffee: Shower guests with packets of tea and/or coffee. Consider a Caribbean blend such as Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee.
  6. Honey or jam. Attach a note saying, “Spread the Love.”
  7. Herbs and spices. Consider Grenadian spices or nutmeg, or even potted basil or rosemary.
  8. Wedding dress cookies. These are the ideal “girly-girl” sweet treats.